Luxury Houses for Sale in Montréal, QC

At Marie-Yvonne Paint, luxury real estate agency and licensed broker in Montréal, we recognize that luxury houses are much more than just beautiful residences: they are exquisite dwellings that also serve as headquarters, footholds, and private paradises—outside just as much as inside.

The Key to Research: Facility of Access

For anyone looking for a truly unique residence, facility of access is of great importance. Our clients have access to the entire published market of luxury houses for sale in Montréal, as well as to properties exclusively offered in private sales. Our portfolio represents the crème de la crème in the most well-regarded sectors of the Montréal region, including—among others—the prestigious private homes and townhouses of Outremont and the historic manors of Mont-Tremblant.

How to Find Your Dream Home

Buying the perfect residence among the best luxury houses for sale in Montréal isn’t always simple. However, certain elements remain essential criteria for a first-class property: a prime location, the beauty of the surroundings, the aesthetics of the home, and the quality and comfort of its amenities. To help you find exactly what you’re looking for, Marie-Yvonne Paint offers our personalized service. Entrust the search for your dream home to our agents: they are experts in this field. We’ll work with you throughout the transaction while remaining at your call 24 hours a day.

Contact us online or by phone to find your dream home. We’ll dedicate all our expertise and energies to your quest for the home that’s right for you!


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