• What should I do before putting my home on the market?
    – Simplify the space by removing some furniture and unnecessary items.
    – Tidy up the house
    – Occasionally, a home-staging may be necessary in order to optimize your selling potential
  • What’s the process of selling my house?
    Choosing the right broker is the most important first step: we will guide you in the complex and
    sometimes confusing process of bringing a property to market. From signing the contract, staging the
    house, taking the pictures with our photographer, verifying the information and titles of your
    property and finally bringing it to market: We are there every step of the way.
  • Why should I work with a team rather than an individual?
    A team offers you perpetual availability, the expertise of numerous individuals as well as the peace of mind that your property is always a priority.
  • What are your areas of specialty?
    Having sold numerous prestigious properties in most of Montreal’s boroughs, as well as country estates both north and south of the city: We specialize in luxury.
  • What differentiates you from the competition?
    Our superb attention to detail, unmistakable brand and unparalleled track record sets us apart year after year. Be it setting sales records in neighborhoods (Westmount, Outremont, Ville-Marie, TMR, NDG etc…), streets and province-wide, or offering a personalized service like no other: We care deeply about your needs and will do everything in our power to attain your goals, together.
  • When is the best time to list my property?
    Every season counts and brings with it a new set of motivated buyers.
  • How do you determine at what price I should list my property?
    We determine the price by executing an objective market analysis, taking into account both political and economic factors that would influence the property’s value.
  • How do I maximize the value of my home?
    Choosing the right broker to represent you in your sale is the first and most crucial step. Someone
    understands your property and is able to price and market it effectively will invariably result in a successful transaction.
    Preparing the rooms wish a fresh coat of paint, minor repairs done and with the rooms decluttered will already make a huge difference.
  • What sort of marketing solutions do you offer?
    See our marketing section here. In addition to ample print media coverage, our online and social media marketing strategies are custom tailored to your property and will make the most of our vast online presence.
  • How long will it take to sell my home?
    This depends on numerous factors, including what price the immovable was listed at, what the demand is for your sort of residence as well as the shape it’s in. A space that is not overly personalized, well priced and optimally marketed will sell better than one that is not!
  • Will I need to order a new certificate of location?
    If your certificate of location is older than 10 years or you’ve done work that affects the shell or outside of the house, yes. Furthermore, if you live in a divided condo, a certificate of location depicting your individual portion is a must. Certificates provided by builders are usually not of the individual portions.
  • What is legal warranty?
    For a detailed explanation, click here.
  • What happens after an offer has been accepted?
    The usual conditions of an offer are the following: Financing, inspection as well as document
    verification. Buyers most often conduct an inspection in order to ascertain the state of the immovable.
    Financing is the condition whereby a buyer must come up with an unconditional mortgage approval for
    the immovable he’s looking to buy. The document condition allows a buyer to verify any pertinent
    documentation pertaining to the immovable, making sure that everything is in order. This is especially important with co-ownerships when condo fees, financial statements and contingency funds play a primordial role.
  • What role does a notary play?
    Notaries are the last step before a transaction is finalized and registered. They offer precious legal advice and are responsible for the execution of the signing of the deed of sale and making sure that everything has taken place in a legally sound manner.
  • Are there fees involved when purchasing a property?
    As a buyer, your fees are limited to those that pertain to the actual transaction: Cost for the inspector, notary fees and welcome taxes are borne by the buyer.
May I thank you for your professionalism, integrity and dedication in completing the recent sale of my...
Carole Teitelbaum Westmount, QC