Marie-Yvonne Paint was born and raised in war-torn Vietnam. Her family moved to France when she was ten where she was schooled in the strict traditions of the country. Her education was completed in the UK as a prelude to her remarkable success story in here Canada. Her rich and varied cultural background is certainly part of what makes her dealings with buyers and sellers so seemingly effortless and equally rewarding for both. It also explains her unassuming approach to life and work, the simplicity behind her extraordinary effectiveness and her boundless market savviness.

Marie-Yvonne Paint, chartered broker, is a true expert in real estate. She has a wealth of international experience in the sector, especially among the most exclusive of clientele. Marie-Yvonne Paint herself can be characterized as the “real estate epicenter” of Montreal. She is one of the most renowned leaders in the industry since over two decades. Well known among consulates, international liaison offices and missions, she welcomes and advises numerous foreigners of the expatriate community who have come to settle in Montreal. She accompanies them throughout the entire process: From finding the perfect home, up until the signing of the deed of sale.

Marie-Yvonne Paint…the art of living…the art of selling.
– Thierry Armand