Luxury Real Estate Agency in Montréal, QC

Montréal, QC is an extraordinary place, a cosmopolitan city endowed at the same time with a unique local charm and a robust international connection. Montréal is ideal for anyone seeking exceptional real estate, whether ultra-modern or historic, for cachet or location. Luxury real estate broker Marie-Yvonne Paint specializes in the field of prestigious and exceptional properties that meet the demands and desires of an exclusive clientele. Like you, we recognize the inestimable value of finding the perfect fit in real estate.

The Importance of Experience

In Montréal, as everywhere, in order to find an uncommon property, one must work with a licensed broker who knows the city well and is respected by his or her clients. Experience is one of the advantages of luxury real estate agency Marie-Yvonne Paint. Here, one has the benefit of a network of professional connections in place for over twenty years, proof of experience in luxury real estate at the local as well as international level. Through this network, we are able to offer you an exclusive selection of the most luxurious properties in all sectors of the metropolitan region. You can also view all of our listings in Montréal and abroad.

A Real Estate Agent Who Understands You

The reputation of a luxury real estate agency depends largely on client service. At Marie-Yvonne Paint, the ability to listen attentively to the client allows us to identify his or her needs and tastes. We then devote our passions to finding the property that perfectly fits the buyer. Over the years, we have earned this reputation of confidence on the part of not only buyers but also sellers of high-end properties in Montréal because we are attentive to our clients’ preferences and apply our expertise to achieving that vision.

The extraordinary place of your dreams in Montréal, QC awaits you at luxury real estate agency Marie-Yvonne Paint. Contact us to make an appointment.


Oftentimes, buying a luxury property is a matter of chance: finding the right product at the right time. By putting your faith, and confidence in Marie-Yvonne Paint you are increasing your chances of finding your dream property. Marie-Yvonne can facilitate, and accompany you on your journey in finding your slice of luxury.


When one has sold such a wealth of properties, her very exclusive local clientele is matched only by an equally exclusive who’s who of global players, proving that her name has as much cachet internationally as it does nationally across Canada.


A true specialist in prestigious real estate, Marie-Yvonne Paint offers a vast selection of exclusive properties. With unerring confidence, discretion, an exceptional listener and full disclosure with her buyers and sellers at all times, Marie-Yvonne has a willingness to give her clients every ounce of her attention.